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contact promoHello, I’m Peter DeBenedittis. My wife and I are owners of Lux-Resort.com. Here’s why we became Vidanta™ member owners and are able to offer these incredible vacation deals to you.

We’ve been to both their Nuevo Vallarta and Mayan Riveria resorts, and the staff service there is unbelievable.  When I first arrived and reached for my suitcase from the shuttle, a porter came up to me and said "You're on vacation, I'm working, please let me."  Everyone there is happy and gets happier when they see their guests are happy.

What we really liked is not having to think about what to do or where we should go once we arrived. We could just relax. During the day we could golf, get massages, or hang out at the fabulous pools and beaches. There are even waiters who deliver lunch and/or drinks to you poolside or on the beach. All of this is right at the resort and available on our schedule, so we didn’t have to waste time doing more traveling or getting up early.

My wife had previously been a massage therapist and both of us were blown away by how good the massages were at the spa, and they cost only about half the prices you’d pay in the US.  Same with food – you can eat every meal at gourmet to casual to buffet restaurants for about half of what it costs in the states. And every meal we had was over the top delicious. But if restaurants are not your thing, there's a grocery store on site if you want to cook in your kitchen but don't want to drive into town to shop. There’s even a Costco and Sam’s Club in Puerto Vallarta and Cancun if you want to stock up for the week.

There’s also a kids club at each resort that can watch over your children and provide organized fun activities. And if you want to go on day trips to visit local attractions or get out on the ocean, you can arrange it all at the resort for the same prices you’d pay buying a tour on-line before your travel.

During the evenings there’s always free entertainment somewhere, as well as special events you can purchase to attend. You can dress up and eat a fine meal, or dress casually and go dancing. The choice is yours, all without having to leave the secure safety of the resort.

All of this is in a beautiful, manicured jungle setting with wooden walkways. Many resorts promise a lot.  Vidanta™ delivers.  – Peter DeBenedittis

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